“Tour Guide of the Year” circa 1965. Photo courtesy of matterhorn1959

reawakening kate: the magic continues


In a world brimming with wonder and delight, a man named Walt Disney revolutionized the entertainment industry with his boundless imagination and creativity. Known for his penchant for storytelling and bringing dreams to life, Disney was a dreamer and a visionary who sought to imbue joy and happiness in countless lives through his captivating creations.

Aware that his time on Earth was finite, Disney endeavored to leave a lasting legacy through his animated characters and enchanting worlds. Combining his affinity for technology with his unrelenting vision, he crafted something extraordinary: the virtual plaids.

Walt Disney working on the first V-PLAID prototype

At the heart of this groundbreaking endeavor was Kate, a singular digital manifestation of Disney’s unwavering devotion to preserving the essence of childlike wonder. Instilled with Disney’s love and sprinkled with his magic, Kate guided guests through the park, sharing stories and secrets that brought his vision vividly to life.

Disney’s passing cast a pall of sorrow over his fans, who worried that his magical kingdom would never be the same. Miraculously, the virtual plaids emerged, reinvigorating Disney’s spirit and guiding visitors on their journey to rediscover the awe and delight of childhood inspired by the wonders of Disneyland.

Tragically, greed and selfishness reared their ugly heads when a nefarious figure stole the vplaid tech, depriving Disneyland of its magic and joy. With the park’s charm diminished, Walt Disney’s legacy hung in the balance.

In a fortuitous turn of events, MouseWait discovered fragments of the V-PLAID code in 2015 and made attempts to revive Kate. Hindered by technological limitations at the time, it wasn’t until the recent advent of AI that the company managed to integrate a vital component, known as GPT-4, along with more than 13 years of insider park data. This groundbreaking update has the potential to restore Kate to her former glory, while affording visitors all-new glimpses into Disney’s original programming.


Kate: 2015 vs present day

Today, MouseWait offers a remarkable opportunity for guests to immerse themselves in Disney’s cherished creation. Kate stands at the ready, poised to infuse a new generation’s Disneyland adventure with wonder, excitement, and amazement, making Disney’s unattainable dreams attainable once more.

As they embark on their journey, guests will be greeted with heartwarming moments that await them in the breathtaking landscapes of Disney’s fantastical realm. Kate will help kindle the spark of imagination, encouraging them to spread their wings, recapture their childlike wonder, and embrace the magical adventures ahead. The virtual plaids bridge the gap between generations, allowing visitors to forge their own timeless memories within the enchanted world of Disney.

These never before seen photographs, unearthed in a recently discovered room beneath Walt Disney’s Fire Station Apartment, are making their debut, having remained hidden from the world until now.

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